To save you the click, their reasoning centres around linear phase filters being more susceptible to pre-ringing: Any one, or better yet all of these traits combined, may make the Bladelius DAC a good fit. Post 3 of The Swede makes for a fuller-sounding Suede. Switching over to the Exposure s2 driving Rogers LS4a…the lower midrange of the Bladelius wins out in the prominence stakes. While memories of specific sonic traits are tricky and potentially fickle beasts, what I do recall is a greater sense of unrestrained play with the Halide DAC HD.

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Perhaps, if your system tends to roll off higher frequencies, or leans toward the ‘darker’ sounding side, or perhaps has exceptional bottom-end extension.

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To me its in the warm side but not too warm. To me, it’s a quite portable, well designed and manufactured DAC, its portability is clearly what I’m after.

Transport is a Mac Mini. Audio-gd — that Sabre personality is becoming easier to pick. Ryan if he could provide some “About Us” kind of information since the Badelius website doesn’t include this information and will also add this when I get it.

At the more affordable end of the market, much of the competition plays a cunning trick: Greatest Bits Product of the Year And I’d answer perhaps.


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PS Audio Stellar three-fer. Even the most complex music is splayed out in exquisite detail for you to explore. Post 11 bladepius Ayre Acoustics EX-8 streaming integrated amplifier. Little wonder they offer similar density.

MQA love or hate? Typically a reviewer will point to some non-musical detail like a grunt or a chair squeak or an audience-member’s digestive difficulties during a live recording that was heretofore unheard or buried in the mix.

Post 12 of Dec 2, at 2: Or, rather, my tastes are for fine wine. Over extended listening sessions this translated for me into feeling a sense of hardness creep in especially on less-than-ideal recordings and even though this may sound contradictory, I’d attribute this perceived hardness to the Bladelius’ strengths namely its attention to micro detail, deft delineation, and a tonal cleanliness that does not emphasize or hang on to decay.

I’m interested in this DAC too. Two letters and four numbers catch me eye: Greatest Bits That’s what happens when you skate the line of hifi and pro audio!

If so, Bladelius have hit the bullseye of both their product development target and its associated marketing verbiage. The Wolfson’s low end is so much fuller and more dynamic.

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Relaxed, detailed, and organic.

After all a properly powered headphone has much better headstage than the same can underpowered. Associated Equipment Also on hand and in use during the Audiophile Desktop review: It does use its own driver for Windows, so it is not exactly plug and play, but once the driver is install it gave me no problem, which is far better then some DACs which have problems locking onto USB in my computer. If they rob Peter, Paul must get paid.

Post udb of Digital media form an increasingly popular source of entertainment, with superb ease of access The metal dome tweeter of the Rogers LS4a prefer the less showy Swede.

Any one, or better yet all of these traits combined, may make the Bladelius DAC a good fit. And of course Bladelius gets bonus points for providing a Windows driver and for realizing it’s no hardship to have to install one.